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Struggling with plantar fasciitis, IT band pain, pelvic floor symptoms and more?

Maybe you are wondering if you’ll ever break this plateau or pass that nemesis mileage where the wheels seem to always fall off in your training and the aches and pains (hip, knee, IT band, feet…) or pelvic floor symptoms inevitably creep back in. You feel heavy, clunky, or inefficient in your stride, like there is something you are missing.

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*There are also pregnancy and postpartum specific resources and programs for runners included at the links above.*

It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of the physics and physiology of running and what that means for your body and your training.


It’s time to ditch the cookie cutter running programs and stop simply going through the motions with your strength workouts.


​It's time to train like an athlete and unleash your true running potential.


Here you’ll find streamlined running programming, strategy based on the needs of your body, and purposeful strength training for the demands of running so that you can crush your goals.

Alison Marie Helms, PhD.

Women's Running and Strength Coach


​I'm a PhD engineer, teacher, NASM certified personal trainer, UESCA certified running coach, self-proclaimed running nerd, and creator of the Women's Running Academy.

I’ve been a runner for 30 years and started my professional career in the industry over a decade ago through my own search for answers when my body felt like garbage after having my first baby.


The little aches and pains from my running past turned into bigger aches and pains, sidelining injuries, and the need to always wear black shorts to races (if you know what I mean).


Having babies brought to light some biomechanical inefficiencies. I firmly believe these inefficiencies were holding me back from reaching my full potential well before my childbearing years. For many women like myself the stress of pregnancy simply reveals the “invisible ink” that was there all along. Addressing those inefficiencies not only eliminated my symptoms, it made me a stronger, more efficient, and more powerful runner overall.

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Coaching and resources to help you ditch the cycle of injury and burn out and make real sustainable progress towards crushing those PRs!


With a little knowledge, focus, and strategy you can streamline your efforts so that every workout gets you one step closer to your goals (no precious time or energy wasted)!

Women's Running Academy

A 12-week group coaching and education program to help female runners ditch the cycle of injury and burn out and finally make real, consistent progress towards their goals.

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A 6-week strength training program for female runners to run stronger, faster, and more efficiently without all the typical aches and pains!

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The Runner’s Lab

A 1.5 hour virtual masterclass to gain a deeper understanding of the physics and physiology of running and what that means for your body and your training so that you can unlock your full running potential.

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My Coaching Philosophy


Running, the way we do it, is a uniquely human movement. (big print)

I love nerding out on all the nitty-gritty of form, positions, muscle actions, running biomechanics, etc. 

And to be human is the deepest most complex experience there is. (big print)

Running and the training that supports it do not exist in a vacuum. We love, we lose, we stress and worry, we fill our days with work, sitting, and screens. What you can’t see, your physiology, can play a huge role in your experience.

I want to teach you to breathe, slow down, move intentionally, and step INTO your body (not tune out) and your power. To help you understand what your body is telling you, to learn its language, and support its needs.

The Three Pillars of My Coaching Approach


Uncover how your whole body works together instead of chasing individual pains/issues.

Learn how your physiology impacts your performance and recovery (you are human, not a robot).


Strength train with intention and the demands of running in mind.

Practice with the 5 essential skills for an efficient running stride.

Integrate streamlined running programming.


Build through progressive overload with supportive rest/recovery.

Break big goals down into small achievable steps.

Continue to the learn more about your body in the process.

I love working with runners who are:

✓ Curious, with a problem solving mentality. They want to learn the why and be a part of the process.

✓ Willing to adopt a longevity mindset. They for sure have that competitive streak but understand that progress takes time and strategy (and rest).

My coaching is not for runners who:

X Don’t really care to learn the why or to be a part of the process.

X Unwilling to give up the no pain, no gain, rest days are for the weak mentality.

Want to preview my coaching AND build strong glutes for running?

Start my free Glute Accelerator crash course now and get my FAST Formula for feeling strong and more powerful in your stride while eliminating some of those typical aches and pains.

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