Postpartum Run Ready Foundations

for After Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Eliminate the guesswork with a step-by-step plan to return to running with strength and confidence (and without any of the typical postpartum symptoms).


I KNOW you just want to run. I've been there.

You NEED that physical outlet for your grief.

Maybe on top of that you are wondering if your PR days are behind you or if running will ever feel good so that you can fully enjoy it again. It’s a part of you - your me time, your stress relief, your main mode of physical fitness…. or all of the above.

You now find yourself in uncharted territory physically and mentally. You've just gone through a massive physical and emotional trauma. No matter the outcome pregnancy is injury to the body. With this outcome, it's a whole 'nother level.

You’re tired, scratch that, exhausted and probably a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. You NEED that run, that thing that makes you feel like you again.

…but you’re frustrated by the generic, contradictory, and not-so-helpful advice.

"At 6 weeks you’re good to go. Just jump back into what you were doing before... but go slow...listen to your body."

"Wait until 3 to 6 months before you even start back to running. Don’t do this, don’t do that…”

"The aches and pains and maybe a little peeing your pants while you run are just part of your new normal."

On top of that, whenever you look for resources, you are bombarded by the postpartum workout images with a living baby.

You need and deserve better!

Your PR days are not behind you.

You do not need to accept pain and peeing your pants as the new normal.

Running can feel great again.

You have a safe place in this postpartum space here.

Let’s be honest though, without a plan to follow, I’ve seen this go one of two ways, time and time again.

1- The athlete brain coupled with anxiety takes over and you just run. You could be one of those lucky ones and it feels great again from the start (I wasn’t that lucky myself my first go round). Or it doesn’t feel great – maybe it hurts (hips, back, SI, feet...), maybe you pee your pants a little (or a lot), maybe it just feels harder than it used to.

2- You're too overwhelmed and scared to start, so just you continue longing for it.

I definitely don’t want that for you. I want you to be able to run, jump and fully participate in your life. I want you to have this positive outlet for your grief. I want you to hit your PRs and feel amazing doing it.

That’s why I created this Loss Mom Version of my Postpartum Run Ready Foundations Course!


Fuel your inner athlete with intentionally progressed workouts that provide strengthening specific to the needs of your postpartum body and that are progressed intentionally building the strength needed to run with confidence week after week.

Empower yourself with education to help you better understand the needs of your body. It’s so much more than simple core and pelvic floor!

Have confidence that you are taking the steps back to that thing that makes you feel like you, in a way that feels good in your body and builds the foundation for all your future performance goals.

Do all of the above in the context of your life now.


My name is Alison Marie, Ph.D. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach, Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, lifelong runner turned strength training advocate, and mother of 2 boys on earth and a baby girl in heaven.

I've been right there with you and I've got you!

After having my first son, I was so anxious to get back to running. My identity was so wrapped up in “being a runner.” It was my stress relief, my me time, the source of most of my friendships, my main mode of physical fitness… 

… and in my mind, my ticket back to the “old me.” 

I started about 7 weeks postpartum and went out for a slow couple of miles. To be honest, I peed my pants A LOT. I accepted it as my new postpartum normal and just kept running. 

Side note: many women can get back into running without this particular issue. I was not one of those women. I also believe that if I followed the steps in the Postpartum Run Ready Foundations Course first, my chances of having this particular issue would be a lot smaller.

I kept running, added in some non-specific strength training, and by many accounts "bounced back" relatively quickly - on the outside. I was running local races and seriously competing in my age bracket, finishing Spartan races with successfully completing all obstacles and coaching other strong mamas to do the same.


I was still occasionally peeing with running, jumping, and sneezing - and just living with it.
I had terrible back pain if I wasn’t regularly seeing a chiropractor - the chiropractor helped the symptoms but didn't fix the problem.

My shoulders and neck were constantly tense - massages barely helped.

It took me 6 years before I finally admitted I had a problem and sought to fix it!  Through physical therapy and practicing what I learned through my Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, it took mere months to come back stronger than ever before (and completely changed the way I coach women)!

I can’t help but think where I could have been with my fitness level (because I’m competitive AF) if I had implemented this stuff from the beginning.

That absolute NEED to run again as an outlet after the loss of my daughter was a thousand fold greater. Working the foundations here in this course right away and knowing it was going to get me there as fast as possible made all the difference for me physically and mentally.


Seven weeks of workouts intentionally progressed from core/pelvic floor rehab back to the strength needed to run with confidence.

Yes, we start laying on the floor connecting with your breath, core, and pelvic floor, but we get you up and moving quickly so that you are building strength in movements that directly translate to running.

Six educational modules, each building on the previous, helping you to understand the needs of your body and put what you learn in practice in the workouts.

Did I mention I taught middle school science? If I can organize the material in a way that led one hundred 11-year-olds to success, I got you mama!

All in the context of goin through this process while grieving and without a living baby at home.

If we were working together in person through this whole strategy it would cost your over $1200 to get the same experience.

If we worked together at my online monthly coaching rate it would cost at least $550.

The beauty of having this all put together in this self paced course means you can get it all, on your schedule, for only $249.
ENROLL NOW 3 Payments of $83



You’ve lost baby (stillbirth or infant loss).

You want to run with strength and confidence (and without any postpartum symptoms).

You want to strategically make your comeback as efficient as possible by systematically building strength and stability the way your postpartum body needs from the start.


You’ve started back to running a bit but maybe doesn’t feel right or you are frustrated with your progress, and you want to feel more confident in your run by systematically building strength and stability the way your postpartum body needs.

Systematically working through the exercises step-by-step, making simple adjustments in how you move your body, and building strength in those movements can make a HUGE impact on your running wherever you are in the process!

So, what makes this course different from all the other postpartum rehab programs out there?

This course is designed by a runner for runners!

It goes well beyond general core and pelvic floor rehab so that you build to back to running specifically.

One on hand you have all the don'ts and can'ts and warnings. The other just says listen to your body and go slow.

Neither really work for the athlete! You need a plan follow because otherwise that athlete brain will take over and you'll just run and these foundations are important for your overall running success (whatever that means to you).

This course is designed by a loss mom for loss moms!

Context matters. You deserve a program that takes into account what your postpartum life looks and feels like now.

The step-by-step structure of the Run Ready Foundations programming will give you the confidence that your body will be fully prepared to handle the impact of running, will empower you to return to running confidently as soon as possible, and respects what it's like to go through this process while grieving and without a living baby at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out. Send me an email here.