A FREE Virtual Masterclass on the 5 Essential Skills for an Efficient Running Stride.

Using my 5 Skills Framework, we'll combine strength and efficiency to reduce unwanted pains and improve your running economy.

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​Runners need to strength train!

Strength = Stability
Strength = Power
Strength = Resilience

Deficiencies in strength are typically a major part of pain in runners (IT band, knees, hips, pelvic floor symptoms…).

Stretching and foam rolling won’t "fix" you.

Skills = Efficiency

Moving efficiently helps minimize energy lost with each step and improve your running economy.

With my 5 Skills Framework, you learn to not just absorb ground reaction forces in running but to store them as elastic energy to propel you forward while staying strong and stable with every step!



Orient your ribcage over your pelvis to load effectively through your core and unlock your range of motion in all 3 planes.

STAND ON ONE LEG really on it. That means being able to organize your center of mass over your stance leg - internally rotate into that hip, pronate your foot,  load your glutes through length.


Rotate and counter-rotate through the feet (aka. pronation and supination), pelvis, and torso. We need to effectively rotate up and down the chain for efficient forward motion.


You propel yourself forward in your running stride through hip extension. Mastering hip extension (with big toe extension) before knee extension will make propulsion more efficient.


Efficiently store and release energy through each stride by mastering the first 4 skills and building strong, healthy tendons.

... all so that you can run with strength, power and efficiency!

What You Get With This Masterclass:

All Completely FREE

  • 30 minutes of education on the basic running biomechanics behind the 5 skills so that you understand the "why" behind the movements and progressions
  • 1 hour of practice with the 5 skills in the form of a full body workout so that you can feel and seamlessly apply them to your overall training strategy moving forward.



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On Tuesday, August 29h at 11am EST:
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*If you cannot make it live (or if you want to go through any of the parts again), you will will receive a recording via email shortly after the end of the Masterclass and have free access to that recording for 5 full days.


Alison Marie Helms, PhD.

Women's Running and Strength Coach

​I'm a NASM certified personal trainer, UESCA certified running coach, pregnancy/postpartum corrective exercise specialist, running enthusiast turned strength training advocate, and creator of the Women's Running Academy. I am on a mission to help women train with confidence through, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

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