A FREE 7 Day Crash Course on Building Strong Glutes for Female Runners

Using my FAST Formula, I guarantee you’ll feel strong and more powerful in your stride while eliminating some aches and pains.



Your hip, knee, and or IT band chronically bothers you, especially when you build up your mileage.

You’ve been doing all the clamshells and lateral band walks but don’t feel like it’s really translating into your running; your stride feels heavy and inefficient.

You know you are supposed to use your glutes with squats, lunges, and deadlifts, but you can never tell if they are really working.

I gotchu!

Enter the Glute Accelerator 7-Day Crash Course!

At the end of the 7 days, you’ll feel stronger, more powerful, fluid, and efficient in your stride without some of those typical aches and pains!

Can your glutes really get stronger in 7 days?

I’m all about full transparency. It takes longer than 7 days to truly build strength and muscle (most research shows upwards of 12 weeks). 

However, through the education, awareness and targeted exercises in this crash course, I can guarantee your glutes will FEEL stronger because you will be equipped to use them more effectively in everything that you do, both your strength workouts and your running stride.  

Then, think of how strong you will be after having the time to build on the foundation! That’s where the magic happens!


Runners need strong glutes!

Your glutes are responsible for strength, stability and power with every stride.

Weak glutes are often a huge part of pain in runners (IT band, knees, hips, pelvic floor symptoms…). Stretching and foam rolling won’t "fix" you!

Most female runners I see are going about training their glutes all wrong. Clamshells and booty band stuff ain’t it ladies!



I know most runners just want to run and could do without the strength training bit, but I believe strength training can be fun AF if you truly train like an athlete. I’ll show you how.


Learn how to truly activate your glutes so that you can use them the way you need them with running. (hint. it’s not using clamshells or booty bands)


Lay the foundations for true, functional strength in your glutes so that you can feel strong and more powerful in your stride while eliminating some of the most common aches and pains.


Target one specific movement pattern that has the potential to make a major difference in your running. Instead of doing all the things, let’s focus on doing ONE thing really well and then you can build from there.


What you get with Glute Accelerator

All Completely FREE

  • Daily progressions of my favorite yet simple glute exercises that will have you really *feeling* them work and take you from feeling heavy and clunky to strong, fluid and powerful in your stride.
  • Daily educational videos (most are 5 min or less -- I know you're busy!) to learn the why behind what we are doing, how it affects your running, and how it can be integrated efficiently into your overall training strategy.



Once you register for the Crash Course:
You'll receive all the information via email. If you don't see the initial email within 10 minutes, check your junk folder. And if you still don't see it, email me: [email protected]
The Crash Course is 7 days.
Each day you will receive an email with everything you need for that day. Each day will have one educational video and one exercise demo video. Each will be 5 minutes or less. Factoring in the time to actually try the exercises, you can expect your commitment to be about 15 minutes a day.


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Alison Marie Helms, PhD.

Women's Running and Strength Coach

​I'm a NASM certified personal trainer, UESCA certified running coach, pregnancy/postpartum corrective exercise specialist, running enthusiast turned strength training advocate, and creator of the Women's Running Academy. I am on a mission to help women train with confidence through, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

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