Whether you're going for a BQ, a PR, finishing your first race, or simply wanting to run with strength and confidence, personalized coaching is the best way to go.

✓ Monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls

✓ Custom running training plan based on your goals and schedule

✓ Custom strength training program tailored specifically to the needs of your body to support your running goals (including running gait analysis)

✓ Unlimited email check-in and support - for strategy, revision, clarification, and accountability.

✓ Unlimited plan adjustments (strength training exercises, mileage, pace, schedule etc. as needed)

My custom-made plans are based specifically on the needs of YOUR body, goals, lifestyle, and schedule.

$310 per month.

I only take on a select number of 1-on-1 clients each month. Book a 15-minute strategy call (button below) or send me a message to figure out if we'll be a good fit.

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