All the Strategy You Need to Confidently Run with Strength in Pregnancy


So, you’re pregnant or thinking about/trying to get pregnant soon.



It's ok it's a little, or a lot, scary.

It’s ok if you are worried about how this pregnancy is going to affect your running. 

It’s ok to have a part of you that’s not excited about the changes to your body and your training.


Know that continuing to run and train during pregnancy is perfectly safe for the baby.

Know that you are not fragile! Your athleticism is not fragile.

Your training might look different over the next months/year but...

Different doesn't mean bad.
Different can actually be better!


Yes, your body changes during pregnancy.

No, that doesn’t make you fragile.

No, that doesn’t mean you all of a sudden have a long list of things you can no longer do.

BUT it does mean you can benefit from being a little bit more strategic with what you build into your strength training to support your running.

That’s exactly what Running for 2 U is!

Options and strategy NOT limitations!

And here’s the really cool part…

I firmly believe, through my own experience and experience working with pregnant and postpartum runners, taking the time to focus on the fundamentals here can actually make you a better running/athlete in the long run! 

Taking the time to work the foundations now can have a HUGE impact on performance (and enjoyment of the sport overall) for the long term!


Whether you started early in life or relatively recently running can quickly become an invaluable part of your life.

I started running relatively early in life with my mom and her “running friends.”

Little did I know at that time how important having my own group of running friends would become to me someday. Even if at this point most of them are virtual.

Fast forward through high school, college, grad school and many, many more years of running, two career changes (engineer to teacher to now), and two children. Now as a certified personal trainer and running coach, pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and eternal student of all things running and movement science, I help women ditch the cycle of injury and burn out and finally make real, consistent progress towards their goals.

While I haven’t run another marathon since becoming a mom (yet), I have PRed in every other distance since. I look at the race photos from that hard earned, pre-baby Boston Marathon and KNOW I could smoke her.

I think it’s partly the experience and education I’ve built up and partly because I’m a mom.

​Because of, not in spite of.

In motherhood, now more than ever, I have to train with efficiency and strategy!

Efficiency first! The engineer AND the mom in me thrive on efficiency. No wasted time or effort!

Having babies also brought to light some biomechanical inefficiencies. They reared their ugly head in the form of constant hip, knee and back pain and pelvic floor symptoms. I had it all!

I firmly believe these inefficiencies were holding me back from reaching my full potential well before my child bearing years. For many women the stress of pregnancy simply reveals the invisible ink that was there all along. Addressing those inefficiencies not only eliminated my symptoms, it made me a stronger, more efficient, and more powerful runner overall.

In Running for 2 U, we will look at the changes in your body during pregnancy in the context of running biomechanics and create a strategy that fully supports your body for as long as you want to continue running in this pregnancy AND for a successful return to running postpartum all while addressing potential inefficiencies that may have been there all along. Win, win, win!

In this self paced course you will learn:


How to honor both your runner/athlete identity and your pregnant body at the same time.

How to adjust your running programming during pregnancy and how to know when to push and when to rest.

Why strength training becomes even more important for running during pregnancy.

How to best structure your strength training sessions.

What exercises to include in your strength training to support your running during pregnancy.

How to choose which exercises to include into your plan to best meet the needs of YOUR body.

Strategy for returning to running postpartum stronger than ever.

PLUS this course includes 3 mix and match sets of Full Body Workouts specifically designed with these principles AND the guidance to tailor them specifically to the needs of your unique body now and as the pregnancy progresses (no matter where you are in your pregnancy journey).


It will all be at your fingertips when you need it and for as long as you need it, through this pregnancy and any potential future pregnancies.

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Module 1: Overview and Mindset
    Lesson 1a: Course Overview     
Lesson 1b: Opportunity Mindset

Module 2: Running Considerations & Programing
    Lesson 2a: Safety Considerations     
Lesson 2b: Adjusting Running Programming

Module 3: Changes in Your Body in the Context of Running
Lesson 3a: Intro to Running Biomechanics     
Lesson 3b: Changes in Your Body and How They Affect Running Form

Module 4: Strength Training and Strategy to Support Your Changing Body
Lesson 4a: Strength Training Strategy to Support Your Body Through Those Changes     
Lesson 4b: Specific Strategy for Core and Pelvic Floor     
Lesson 4c: Choosing the Best Strategies for Your Unique Body Now

Module 5: Strategy for Returning to Running Postpartum
General Strategy for Returning to Running Postpartum including: my Postpartum Run Ready Road Map (from birth through the first 8 weeks), Postpartum Ready to Run CheckList, and Graded Return To Running Milestones.
Hint: you’ll be laying the foundations for this throughout the whole pregnancy program! BONUS!


There are 3 “levels” of workouts inside the program. Level 1 is the most foundational. You’ll start with Level 1 and progress through as needed. How quickly will depend on your base strength and how far along you are in your pregnancy coming in.
It’s important to note that pregnancy is not linear, every pregnancy is different.
You might progress up through the levels at first. You’ll likely find that towards the end of your pregnancy, even if you previously progressed all the way up to Level 3, many of the exercises from Level 1 are more appropriate and feel better in your body.
The education inside this program will fully equip you to confidently make those decisions.
All the workouts include written cuing AND a youtube playlist with full video cuing. 
As a bonus, I’ve also added suggested running warm ups using these concepts.

Remember, you are pregnant, not fragile!

Your training might look different over the next months/year but...

Different doesn't mean bad.
Different can actually be better!

Running for 2 U doesn’t give you a list of limitations and things you can do.

Running for 2 U provides you with a solid strategy to support the needs of your body every step of the way so that you can continue to move in ways that you love!

Running For 2 U

Sign up now for $139 or 2 Payments of $69.50!

SIGN UP NOW 2 Payments of $69.50