Through my efficient postural and movement assessment, we will identify the specific needs of your body (as they relate to your goals) and create a custom strategy so that you can continue to perform without pain.

This 90-minute postural and movement assessment and analysis works as follows:

  • When you click the link to check out you will be redirected to my calendar. Choose a day/time that works for you
  • After you complete your appointment, you will receive a link to my quick but comprehensive questionnaire. 
  • On the call, we will go through a set of targeted postural assessments and movement assessments, from your head all the way down to your feet, to identify the specific needs of your body and practice a few strategies to help you meet those needs.
  • I will follow up with an email containing up to 3 specific exercises for you to work on and a general strategy moving forward that will make all your movements better, stronger, more efficient, and effective - especially your running.

OPTIONAL: If you would like for me to look at your running gait as part of your assessments, you will be given the instructions via email after booking your call. Please plan to submit these videos AT LEAST 2 business days before your scheduled call.

SIGN UP NOW — $195