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 5-Minute Running Warm Up

Get Your Blood Pumping with a Quick 5-Minute Running Warm Up!

5-minute running warm up breathing exercises and drills female runners pelvic floor postpartum urinary incontinence Jul 18, 2023

*Running postpartum can have its challenges, as our bodies change through pregnancy it takes some time for our bodies to return to our pre-pregnancy state. Recently I updated the  Postpartum Run Ready Foundations Course. A big part of any running program is the warm-up, and although I am talking about my 5-minute running warm-up that can be used for postpartum running today you will find there is something in here for you even if that doesn’t suit your needs right now. Let's get on to the rest of the Article*

Warm-ups can make all the difference

Today I stopped on my way home from pelvic floor physical therapy to run at a different part of my normal running trail so I could run around the pretty lake at Furman University. Once I parked and got out, I realized my bladder was FULL. I had to GO bad! But there was nowhere to pee where I parked before I started running. I’m not shy about popping a squat, but this is a very populated part of the trail so it wasn’t feasible. So I did my warm-up, which was so quick and efficient that it was done before my Garmin even found its signal (more on this in a minute), and ran a mile to the bathrooms by the lake.

AND guess what! I had no leaking AT ALL!

To some, this might not be a big deal, but 3 months postpartum with a full bladder… that’s huge for me. I’ve put in a lot of work over the years to learn about my body and it’s paying off! I just posted my warm-up on Instagram and after I shared it another milestone dawned on me. A few years (and two babies) ago, I would never have worn pants that color for a run. I was team black pants/shorts ONLY. Today I didn’t even think twice about it before I left the house. Little things like that go unnoticed but the FREEDOM that comes along with it is HUGE. The foundations in my Postpartum Run Ready Foundations Course and the intention behind my running warm-up are a big part of that!

As I said above, I completed this whole warm-up (2 sets of 8 reps each) in the parking lot before my run today all before my Garmin found the GPS signal.

 It includes my non-negotiable key 3 pieces:


1- Breathing to connect core and pelvic floor and address orientation

aka. your “stack” so that you can better transfer force through your core.

Today I used the assisted low to mid-range squat, inhaling and relaxing my pelvic floor at the bottom and exhaling to contract my pelvic floor back to mid-range all while keeping a nice stack (ribs over the pelvis).



2 - Get hips moving through internal and external rotation.

Today I used this split squat with reach so that I could also address some asymmetry at my pelvis. I’m biasing a little more external rotation on my right and a little more internal rotation on my left. The video below doesn’t show the exact reach in today’s warm-up but talks a little bit more about the why behind the different approaches left to right.


3 - Co-Contractions of the limb for protection around knee/ankle joints and moving through dynamic hip extension.

This variation is one I’ve progressed to over time. It’s harder than it looks to keep that consistent bend in the knee as you extend through the hip… but pssst… it pays off once you do!

An intentional warm-up can be super quick AND make a big difference in the way your run feels. That’s why I include building out the best run warm up for you in all of my programs, including for pregnancy and postpartum.

 *Don’t forget the new and improved Postpartum Run Ready Foundations is available now!*


Your Coach,


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